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Over the last few years, I've spoken on the principles of high-impact philanthropy and longtermism at several universities and public events. These include:



Videos from some of these events are below. 


Podcasts & Blogs

I've co-hosted the 80,000 Hours podcast with Rob Wiblin, a show about the world’s most pressing problems and how you can use your career to solve them. 

We interviewed Bruce Friedrick, executive director of the Good Food Institute, about how outstanding meat replacements could be the most effective way to help animals here; Sharon Nunez and Jose Valle, founders of Animal Equality, about undercover investigations to expose animal cruelty here; and Marie Gibbons, research fellow with the Good Food Institute, on the science and technology behind clean meat here

I've also written a career review for 80,000 hours, exploring the pros and cons of working in law, which you can read here.